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Welcome to Octopus Translations!

Here you will find all the information regarding our company and the services we provide. Our office is headquartered in Bucharest, where we respond to requests from our clients located in Romania and in different other countries, such as Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Holland, the UK, Switzerland, China and Thailand.

Each client has different needs; each project we take on is unique. Since we entered the market in 2004, we knew that we must provide different solutions to our clients. Any type of document from almost any domain gives us a chance to apply our passion for what we do and the attention to detail our clients come to expect.

Working with us, you have the chance to work with the best production team, with the newest technology in the field and enough experience to resolve any of your projects.


Deciding on a translation provider can be a difficult process. As you are going to trust your confidential documents to this provider, it’s fair to expect certain precise terms to be respected, including using the type of language your partners and clients have come to expect.

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Cost of translations

The translation of a document involves many stages and specialized human resources.
With Octopus Translations, you can significantly reduce your translation budget while employing the services of an ISO:9001:2008 certified company.

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance for the services we provide is one of our constant concerns. We know how important your firm’s documentation is and how much effort goes into the launch of a product in a new market or the organization of an event.

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