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For some, the office routine, along with an annoying boss and all the hours spent in traffic has slowly and painfully become unbearable. So they took chances and dared to take on a challenging adventure – freelancing. Risky? Maybe. But if don`t try, you`ll never know, right?


There was a time, not long ago, when working as a freelancer looked and sounded suspicious to most of us. On an ever-changing market though, one needs to keep up with the pace, so we have come to learn that more and more people are trying to make it on their own. Everywhere you turn there’s someone who has chosen to work as a freelancer.

But what does working as a freelancer really mean? And what are its advantages and disadvantages? Is it really the best idea for everyone or are there still some who prefer the good old going to the office style?

Today, we feel positive and will have a look at what we think that are the advantages of freelancing.

1. Feeling like your own boss

You are in fact your own boss – you decide who your clients are, you decide when and where you want to work from, you can organize your own time and have all the free time you want (at least in theory, we’ll get back to this one when speaking about disadvantages). Personally, I find this first advantage quite awesome, but be careful – it’s highly addictive and if what you’re looking for it just the feeling of owning the place, you should reconsider your decision.


2. Greater financial potential

You earn the exact money you work for. This might be quite the revelation as you can really get the chance to work more, to do more and provided you put in a hard work, your finances will improve significantly. However, the perks of getting yours comes with a price – it entails that you have a constant number of clients, which will ensure a constant income, from where you can go up if you want to.

I must admit that when I started off I struggled a bit, but once I got the hang of things I was amazed of the good money I was able to make off quite the same amount of work as when I was a regular employee.

3. Less stress

You are basically stress-free – avoiding the office drama, gossip, useless team meetings or hours spent explaining to your boss why you chose to do this or that. Your time is your own, meaning that you can work without interruptions and at the end of the day really feel like you have achieved something, rather than just sit around and hope for a moment of quiet.

Personally, I’m not quite the chatter, but with a birthday party every week, my desk colleague getting married or my boss coming in every hour to check on whatever we were doing, I had days when I could just as well have been sleeping in my car, in the parking lot.  Word, I am not antisocial, but rather need my work to be my work and not a constant clatter and chirping.

4. Time saved = more personal time

You can save time – just think about all the time spent in traffic, whether if you have your own car or if you go to work by bus. The daily commute can be both time-consuming and stressful, so skipping it can feel really rewarding.

I have to say I am quite lucky to live nearby the office so I can walk or get on my bicycle to work often. But when I need to switch, for various reasons, to motorized commute, it really feels like a total waste of time – a couple of hours in traffic to and from work can actually be put to better use, I`m sure you agree!

5. Money saved = more for your hobbies.

You save money as well – money which would usually have gone to the daily commute, new clothes and footwear or lunch money. Instead, you will be able to offer yourself a treat from time to time and really use the money you are saving on whatever you need to.

Now this one is tricky, ’cause if you don’t have the discipline to save and organize your money, you won’t get it overnight just by working from home. What you do get instantly is fewer occasions to spend your money – and that alone can be quite an achievement for some of us.


6. More comfort, less noise.

Except for the one you want to have – maybe you feel like playing your favorite song as loud as you can. But other than that, your home is the most comfortable environment there is – starting from being able to wear a casual outfit rather than stiff, office clothes and all the way to working from your bed with your pets keeping you company. Or, if you feel like it, you can move your desk to a cozy café. Personally, I think it is amazing to be able to work from the park or from my parents’ garden whenever I feel like it.


So here we are, closing up on what I tried to be a summary of all the advantages of freelancing. Psychology studies say that optimists tend to start with the good parts. But so do well trained business professionals in their relationships with the clients. However, everyone knows that there`s two sides of every story.

Stay tuned for the second part of this story – I`ll get back to you in a week with the disadvantages of working as a freelancer.

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