Team Building, Octopus style

They say that in order to be efficient, people must cumulate their efforts so they can achieve certain objectives and that team building is a process meant to improve the relationships and collaboration between the members of a group in order to overcome communication obstacles and fulfill common goals.

With this in mind, the Octopus Translations team was off for a weekend of fun somewhere in the mountains, in beautiful winter scenery. We wished for snow, and our wish was granted, as you can easily see in the picture below.pic 120131207_202420 (2)

Saturday was the day for experiencing new things. After a productive meeting, we decided to let music “do the talking” and went to a Jazz Festival, where we listened to an original Argentinian Latin tango band and we discovered in awe what a vibraphone is.

Between delicious meals filled with local flavor and hospitality, we got to know each other better and realized what each of us can do best within the team.

We are looking forward to the next team building event that we hope we will share with you as well.

We wish you all a great end of the year, with peace, understanding and harmony between the members of your team!

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