A successful translation involves complex processes and specialized human resources. We can help you to reduce your translation budget significantly using the services of an ISO:9001:2015 certified company.

Thus, we have created three different price levels:


for notarial, legal, contract, simple translations, etc.


eliminate extra costs (specialized revision, proofreading, DTP, glossary creation) for documents that only circulate internally in your company. The company employees will have access to a correct translation but you will save significantly your budget.

Top Audience

marketing documentation, user manuals, medical documents, software/web localization – in general, all that requires specialized resources and extra verification is charged at this level. At this level, we apply three distinct stages of quality assurance (QA) and an elaborate process of selection of resources, which is why the cost of these translations is higher than the other types.

Please choose one of the options when you order.

We have an exceptional quality/price ratio and we aim to make our prices lower than our competition’s.* We offer you a FREE consultation meeting and creation of a glossary of terms for one language combination. Also, on your first order you receive a 5% discount.

*the level of services compared should be identical and it must be a professional translation agency, with whom the offer was made with the same conditions.

Financial aspects to check

Prior to externalize the translation of your content, you may want to know some important details about your future partner whom you will entrust confidential information. Check whether he has a business address, employees, legally owned software, procedures, quality assurance and quality management standards. If you are offered a cheap translation by cutting costs, the risk you assume it is huge.