Privacy Policy

Automatic collection of data

Octopus Translations gives great importance to the safety of our own data and those who visit our website visitors. Octopus Translations does not automatically collect personal information about our website visitors and we do not link the data recorded automatically nor personal information.

Website information

Octopus Translations is committed to protect various types of information of all visitors of the site. “Visitors” means both people that access the site for its informational content, our clients, partners and the translators that collaborate with our company. Given these conditions of confidentiality, Octopus Translations details the reasons, methods applied to collect and to protect customer data. Regarding the type of information, there are two categories of data:

  • Non-personal data are those types of information which are not personal. This includes: browser type, domain and IP address, pages visited, date and time, key words searched. These details are automatically stored on the site and used strictly to improve the site and the way we communicate with our audience: we organize the information to make it more useful, we create reports, we provide our visitors with the materials they need.
  • Personal data is the type of data that is personal (last name, first name, e-mail, phone no., address, company etc.) and is stored only with your consent, in special fields. Octopus Translations is committed to use such information solely for informational purposes, so that visitors can find information they need. Octopus Translations is committed to not disseminate databases of third parties and not use information for purposes other than those listed above.

Links to other websites

Octopus Translations does not have rights on the sites whose links are provided on its website and do not have internal access to these websites. Therefore, Octopus Translations is not responsible for the privacy policies or other websites. Consequently, please pay attention to the terms and conditions of each site you visit, as they may be different from ours.


Octopus Translations periodically sends news and information about our company activities and the translation industry. Those interested can subscribe by clicking the Join button on our website. Octopus Translations is committed to its subscribers to not send spam, not sell or transfer information to third parties. Those who no longer wish to receive this newsletter can unsubscribe by simply pushing a button at the end of each mail.

Child protection

Octopus Translations does not intentionally encourage data collection from children under the age of 14. If you have information related to such a registration, please contact us, and we will take the necessary measures to delete their account and the related data.


The security of information on the site is of great importance for us. For this reason, we do everything in order to assure a high degree of control regarding data and to regularly check the data so that we are able to prevent any attempt of loss, modification or unauthorized access. Octopus Translations utilizes a specialized data protection systems. However, no system can be absolutely secure.

Confidentiality policy

All employees and collaborators of Octopus Translations that may be directly or indirectly related to the storage and transfer of data are required by law to respect data privacy. Octopus Translations guarantees data privacy of all visitors of the site to any third party, whether it is a company or a public institution, except only where required by law.
Confidentiality conditions may be modified at any moment, without previous notification. Please read carefully these conditions before using the website of Octopus Translations.

Aceste condiţii de confidenţialitate se pot modifica oricând, fără preaviz. Vă rugăm să citiţi cu atenţie aceste condiţii înainte de a utiliza site-ul Octopus Translations.