Translations to/from English

We translate to and from English, regardless of the domain or number of words.

Our team of translators is made up of linguistic experts, native speakers of English, to guarantee the accuracy and precision of the material. The process of selection of resources obliges us to require
relevant professional experience for the translation of certain material. Also, we see to it that our translators are in permanent contact with the language and culture we translate into, which is why we maintain contacts around the world. We invest time in verifying terminology, meaning and adaptation of the delivered translation to meet the communication goals.

Starting with the 18th Century, English became much more widely used on a global scale and is currently the main language for international communication. English is the third most spoken language on Earth, one of the official languages of the European Union and of many countries in the Commonwealth and is the predominant language in many multinational organizations.

English has its origins in the fusion of several languages and dialects generically labeled “Old English” which were brought to the east coast of Great Britain in the 5th Century by the Anglo-Saxons. A considerable number of English words are derived from Latin roots.

In the context of globalization, English is becoming essential in communication. Big or small companies, international associations and European Union institutions make use of our services with confidence.