Translations to/from French

We also translate to and from French, regardless of the domain or number of words.

Our team of translators is made up of linguistic experts, native speakers of French, to guarantee the accuracy and precision of the material. The process of selection of resources obliges us to require
relevant professional experience for the translation of certain material. Also, we see to it that our translators are in permanent contact with the language and culture we translate into, which is why we maintain contacts around the world. We invest time in verifying terminology, meaning and adaptation of the delivered translation to meet the communication goals.

Considered in the last century the international language of diplomacy and international relations and at the same time an emblem of the educated classes, French is currently spoken by around 200 million people in the world.

In the French spoken today, slang occupies a special place. It proves to be remarkably creative – for example, money can be called ‘les ronds’, ‘le fric’, or ‘les balles’, as opposed to the academic ‘bullets’. Another characteristic of French slang is Verlan, which functions like a secret language based on a game with word syllables, more precisely reversing them. Even the word ‘Verlan’ come from it being the inverse of ‘l’envers’. ‘Fou’ (insane) becomes ‘ouf’ (egg), ‘femme’ becomes ‘meouf’, and ‘coffee’ becomes ‘feca’. Many common words are used often in Verlan, to the point that, in everyday speech, they have almost replaced their original counterparts.

The French language has about 110 million native speakers, 190 million people speak French as a second language and another 200 million learn it as a foreign language.