Translations to/from German

We also translate to and from German, regardless of domain or number of words.

Our team of translators is made up of linguistic experts, native speakers of German, to guarantee the accuracy and precision of the material. The process of selection of resources obliges us to require
relevant professional experience for the translation of certain material. Also, we see to it that our translators are in permanent contact with the language and culture we translate into, which is why we maintain contacts around the world. We invest time in verifying terminology, meaning and adaptation of the delivered translation to meet the communication goals.

Next to English, Spanish and French, German holds an important place among the most widely known and used world languages. It is the most widely used language in Europe, being the official language of over 90 million people, residents of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Also, it is used officially in certain zones in northern Italy and Hungary (Șopron), Slovakia (Krahule) and even some towns in Romania.

The vast majority of words in German are derived from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, with other groups of words coming from Latin or Greek, and even French and English. It is a known fact that the accuracy of translations to German from other related languages is impressive. The German scientific vocabulary currently brings together over 9 million words and word groups.