Revision, proofreading and verification are extra steps to assure the quality of a translation. Octopus Translations offers you the extra service of proofreading included in the price of translation, while, for a separate fee, we can offer revision by a second independent translator.
These steps are essential for:

  • Use of proper and consistent terminology
  • Elimination of formatting, orthographic, punctuation, style and grammatical errors
  • Conversion of units of measurement
  • Verifying if the translation is complete, correct and true to the message in the source text
  • Adherence to the client’s instructions

We also offer these services for documents translated by other agencies, or by a non-native translator.

Language revision entails examination of the source and target documents to assure that the translation fulfills the agreed-upon purposes, is consistent with the style and domain in question, doesn’t contain errors of expression, topic, grammar or terminology, is uniform, and corresponds to the glossaries and translation memories.

By proofreading we mean identification of untranslated passages, elimination of any formatting errors, punctuation, adherence to standards etc. Proofreading is done only by native speakers of the target language.