Terminology management

Terminology is an extremely valuable resource for your organization and is a distinguishing element. In the process of localization, organizations must carefully control the content they promote to deliver unified and consistent messages and to help their clients use their products and services more easily.

The needs and objectives related to content control are many, but we are ready to assist you with a large range of terminology services:

  • Evaluation and updating of existing glossaries
  • Creation of new glossaries
  • Identification and translation of new terms
  • Creation and implementation of a work process to fully exploit terminology
  • Creation, revision and updating of style guides
  • Creation and administration of translation memories (TMs)

We offer you our terminology management services as part of a localization or translation project, but also separately. For this, we use the best instruments and technology for handling terminology, known as content management systems (CMS).

To learn how we can help you in this regard, we invite you to contact us using our contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.