Although the link between technology and translation was hard to imagine years before, the demand for dedicated software significantly increased once the needs for professional globalization and localization services diversified. Thus, we implemented some of  the new technologies in order to meet most of our customers expectations:

Computer assisted translation (CAT tools)

These are those programs aimed to help the translators to identify and reuse entire passages from documents already translated. Increased working speed and coherent use of terminology are just a few of the advantages of implementing such technology. Octopus Translations uses the memoQ server ( and Trados 2011 (

Translation memories (TMs)

Translation memories are a strategic component in the terminology control process. Storing and reusing existing translations with assisted translation tools (CAT tools), maximize the efficiency of the translation process by standardization of terminology, building glossaries of terms and, most importantly, increasing working speed.

Octopus Translations owns the software necessary to remember and archive translators’ contents in the form of translation memories, can create translation memories from existing translations and can help with the creation and implementation of terminological control processes for our clients.

Project management tool

Our activity is supported by an online translation management system (TMS), XTRF (, which let us to manage simultaneously a high number of projects. This tool even allows our partners to create and administer online profiles directly in our system which allow them to:

  • check the status of a project
  • load work files
  • make comments
  • verify and load/download invoices
  • edit/update glossaries/translation memories
  • check the amounts spent on a project