The linguistic process

The services we offer do not presume a simple translation of a text by a translator; rather, they involve an entire team of specialists: translators, reviewers, proofreaders, graphic designers, project managers, all of whom play different roles in the production process. The most important characteristic of a translation is that it conveys accurately and completely the message that the author had conceived in the source language. Obtaining this result demands a great deal of experience and involvement.

Let`s take the example of an 100,000 words translation project from one into five languages. Managing a project like this requires deep understanding of the nuances of each respective language which could be done only by natives speakers, precision and multiple checking steps. Before that, an internal team analyzes the files, the client’s instructions, the source files, the volume of work and the terms of delivery.

Setting up the right team of linguists is one of the steps which will convert efforts to success. Our database consists in over 1000 native translators and proofreaders which will be constantly committed to adapt the content of your documents according to:

  • style of translation
  • local considerations
  • target audience
  • instructions

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